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Silent Night in Algona

Silent Night in Algona
Score: / 10
Cast: Taylor Nichols, DJ Perry, Curran Jacobs, Bodhi Rader, Samuel Peterson, Cassie Dean, Melissa Anschutz
Genre: Drama
Length: 140 minutes

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Silent Night in Algona Overview

In the small Iowa town of Algona during WWII, from September through December 1944, German prisoners of war are held in a POW camp. The Germans in the camp are common soldiers and draftees who didnít want to be involved in the conflict.

They provide much-needed help to offset the shortage of labor caused by the war effort, working on local farms or in small industries. Although at first the townspeople don't want anything to do with the POWs, as they get to know them, they realize they have more in common than they'd anticipated.


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