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Marx Can Wait

Marx Can Wait
Score: / 10
Director: Marco Bellocchio
Cast: Piergiorgio Bellocchio, Alberto Bellocchio, Letizia Bellocchio, Pia Bareggi, Maria Luisa Bellocchio, Francesco Bellocchio, Gianni Schicchi, Giovanna Capra, Virgilio Fantuzzi
Genre: Documentary
Length: 96 minutes

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Marx Can Wait Overview

1968 was the year Camillo died. Nearly 50 years after the death of his twin brother at the age of 29, Marco Bellocchio gathers his family to reconstruct Camillo's disappearance. Combining intimate conversations with the Bellocchio family and those who knew Camillo best with archival material, family movies and his own oeuvre, Marco attempts to manifest a ghost he has been dealing with his entire life. What begins as a family conversation morphs into an investigation on grief, guilt and responsibility, compassion, empathy, and love.


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