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Maria Chapdelaine

Maria Chapdelaine
Score: / 10
Released: Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Dieppe
Director: Sébastien Pilote
Producer: Pierre Even, Sylvain Proulx
Studio: MK2 | Mile End
Cast: Sara Montpetit, Sébastien Ricard, Hélène Florent, Antoine Olivier Pilon, Émile Schneider, Robert Naylor, Martin Dubreuil, Gilbert Sicotte, Madeleine Renaud, Jean-Pierre Aumont, Alexandre Rignault
Genre: Drama
Length: 158 minutes

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Maria Chapdelaine Overview

Lac Saint-Jean region, early 1910s. Maria, the eldest daughter of Samuel Chapdelaine, a settler whose his land is located a fair distance from the village, is courted by three men of very different characters. First there is François Paradis, a charming coureur des bois whom she has known since childhood; then Eutrope Gagnon, a shy neighbor who clears his own plot; and finally, Lorenzo Surprenant, an employee of a factory in Massachusetts, who lives a hectic life in the big city. Faced with so much attention, Maria turns to her mother, a courageous and hard-working woman, for advice.


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