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The Room

The Room
Score: / 10
Released: July 24, 2009
Director: Tommy Wiseau
Producer: Chloe Lietzke, Drew Caffrey, Tommy Wiseau
Studio: Chloe Productions/TPW Films
Cast: Tommy Wiseau, Juliette Danielle, Greg Sestero, Carolyn Minnott, Philip Haldiman, Robyn Paris, Dan Janjigian, Kyle Vogt, Greg Ellery
Genre: Comedy
Length: 99 minutes

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The Room Overview

A black comedy about love, passion, betrayal and lies, which raises life's most asked question: "Can you ever really trust anyone?"

Johnny (Tommy Wiseau) is a successful banker with great respect for and dedication to the people in his life, especially his beautiful fiancée, Lisa (Juliette Danielle). Johnny can also be a little too trusting at times, which haunts him later on. Lisa has always gotten her way and will manipulate to get what she wants. She is a taker, with a double personality, and her deadly schemes lead to her own downfall.

Johnny's best friend Mark (Greg Sestero) is young, successful and independent. He has a good heart, but gets caught up in Lisa's dangerous web and gives into temptation. Lisa's mother Claudette (Carolyn Minnott) is classy and sophisticated, but has had disappointing relationships in her life. She wants her daughter to be married as soon as possible so she can benefit. Denny (Philip Haldiman) is an ambitious orphan, naive and confused about life, love, and friendship.


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